Paza Rahm


Paza Rahm is a Swedish chiptune and electronica artist. He is brother of the electronic music artist Psilodump. He gained much fame for being featured on the Beck single “Hell Yes”. He has been a member of the Swedish electronica collective/label/netlabel The X-Dump since 2003. He has also been featured on the netlabels 8bitpeoples and Childrenofdos and runs his own label called Ninjani Diskus.

B.U.T.W,  Cnaoz,  Preynz.
In Groups:
Cynkot Gruppa, Jakan Bambabong, Pazas, Pi-Bois, Puskajussi and The Apinat, SysRq5476, The Art Of Realistix, The X-Dump, Treå,  Dotsom.
Paza Rahm, DJ PaZa, Paza, Paza (The X-Dump), Paza Rahm And His Gummiband.